COPIA S.r.l. is leader in the realization of big shopping centers (Etnapolis, Katane, Porte di Catania, Centro Sicilia and many more) where it can show all its potential.
A great opportunity has been given to the company with the construction of these shopping centers and COPIA S.r.l. has accepted the challenge beginning to provide its services at various shopping centers, realizing the first one in Sicily named Etnapolis (Belpasso - CT) and continuing to work on different ones in the whole Sicilian territory.

Some listed below:

  • Etnapolis (Belpasso - CT)
  • Porte di Catania (CATANIA)
  • Katane (Gravina di Catania - CT)
  • Forum (Palermo)
  • La Torre (Palermo)
  • Centro Sicilia (Misterbianco - CT)

View a list of completed projects

Since the works completed by COPIA S.r.l. have been greatly appreciated, it has been entrusted with the maintenance management of the systems prevously installed.
Moreover, we have given a significant contribution to the service sector such as at ST Microelectronics and ETC (Epitaxial Technology Center).